About me

Ich :-)

What can I help You with?

I am happy to assist with the development and the operation of QlikView applications. My experience ranges from the conceptual design in close cooperation with the enduser, to creating the data modell (and a multi-tier data processing architectur if needed) to implementing the loadscripts and the user interface.

In particular I have experience in working with bigger data sets and in creating complex load scripts. The Qlik plattforms offers an easy entry into data analysis and visualization for the uninitiated, but with increasing complexity of loadscripts or when working with bigger datasets, a little more finesse is often required. This is where I can contribute especially.

How did I get here?

I studied a combination of Business Administration and Computer Science at the University of Rostock. Therefore I feel especially at home in the intersection of the IT and the corporate world.

After finishing my studies, I have helped to create a production execution system (a little like an ERP system) as a software developer. My contribution were mostly at the database side of things.

After I decided to go down the freelancing route, QlikView soon became part of my tool kit and its fascination has never escaped me since.  Even though I have been working with it since the beginning of 2013 now, I am still fascinated by the potential the platform has.

My experience with Qlik

QlikView development since 2013

I contributed to several projects, especially in the retail sector. The size of the projects reached up to 20 enduser applications and up to 25 loading and transforming applications to prepare data for consumption in the enduser applications.

My duties were:

  • planning and implementing the data processing
  • prioritizing tasks in cooperation with the customer
  • analyzing databases for data quality and data extraction
  • connecting to a variety of data sources (databases, Excel files, CSV files, Web APIs)
  • contributing to project documentation and development processes
  • determining functional requirements from the end user
  • support for end user
  • implementing the end user applications user interfaces
  • validating results
  • coordinating efforts with the IT departments of the project partners
  • administering the QlikView Server


QlikView 11 Certified DesignerQlikView 11 Certified Designer